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St-Germain Express was founded in the spring of 2004 by 3 of the children of Roger Coderre,  himself founder and president of St-Germain Transport Ltd.  

Joe, Richard and Solange stated working in their father's company while they were only kids.  From this time on, the 3 have occupied all the possible jobs within the company.  From 1994, they have have all worked at the direction of St-Germain Transport Ltd.  

Joe is now director of operations, Richard is fleet director and Solange is first; manager of the garage then becomes administrative director in the office at the company.

phtot du bureau_1In the spring of 2004, Roger's 3 children start their own company while still working at St-Germain Transport Ltd.  They will not abandon the family company, the company within which they all started working and built their experience.

St-Germain Express Inc was born.  Both companies operate together side by side for 7 years sharing personnel, offices and customers.   When Roger, the president and founder of St-Germain Transport Ltd, stops working at the age of 77, in December 2010, it is then decided to unite both companies and to bring evething within the same company.  St-Germain Express Inc then buys the fleet, the offices and places and re-hires all the employees of St-Germain Transport Ltd.  

Since January first 2011, St-Germain Express Inc provides all services previously offered by both companies; St-Germain Transport Ltd and St-Germain Express Inc.

Joe, Richard and Solange cumulate together more than 90 years of experience in every domain of the trucking business.  They have occupied every position within a transportation company.   When you talk to any of them, you talk to somebody who knows and has lived transportation.