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We are C-TPAT.  To get our SVI number present your de4mand through the C-TPAT web portal

All US customs documents are completed by our dispatch personel.  Our drivers fax us their documents and we take care of customs for the load.


Once your invoice is completed, we can provide it you by email, by fax or via regular mail.  However, to get clearer documents we prefer the email.  The email is also a lot faster.   Your invoice is sent will all pertaining documentation. 
You can request your invoice at: 819-3954295

Our team

Our dispatchers Joe, Alain & Samuel will help you and and take care of your load.

Phone:  819-395-4295
Watt:   800-355-4295

Because an accident may happen...

We are well insured to cover your merchandise's value.  If it is worth more, we can get an extra coverage through our insurer.  Our insurer can give us a coverage estimate within 24 to 48 hours on workdays.  This service is however not available during weekends.

If additional insurance is required, the payment of the additional premium is required before your merchandise can be picked up by us, since this additional amount is an insurance premium that must be remitted to our insurer.  


Insurance certificate (to whom it may concern)

Just click here to get a blank insurance certificate.

Should you wish to be emailed an insurance certificate issued to your company name,
just click here and request your certificate directly with the insurance broker. 

Certificate of origin

Available here

Custom's invoice

Available here

Bill of lading (to complete)
Available here.  Open document with "Word" or equivalent to be able to complete.