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We currently have 2 openings for flatbed drivers, at this time

 At least 1 year of experience of which at least 6 months in the US.   Drivers must have experience in tarping and strapping a load. 
Fluency in french is required.

If interested fill out our form below and forward to info@st-germain or complete and meet us at our office in St-Germain.   You must provide a recent copy of your driver's abstract.  DUI or dangerous driving mentions will disqualify you.

Do note that the SAAQ does not provide driver's abstract at its counters anymore.  You have to request your abstract on their web site or by phone.  We have to have your driver's abstract before we receive you for a job interview.

Forward us your job application or your CV, and your driver's abstract.  We will also need the copy of your passport and drivers license with your CV or your job application. 

We also need to have a copy of your passeport before hiring you.  If you do not have a passeport you must apply for one before meeting us.

It's also possible to fill out our pdf Job Application Form in PDF format.

If the PDF won't open, simply RIGHT-clic on the link and choose "Save target as..."
Once it is filled out and signed, please fax the job application form to 819-395-2460 or email
to: attention Recruting

We made it possible to fill out the form directly in the PDF and even save your info so you can print it at a later time if needed.

Read carfully before completing the job application form.

You must be at least 21 years old. 

You must own a valid class one QC CDL or equivalent. 

You can express yourself in english as required by FMCSA and must be able to speak french in your daily operations. 

You must have a valid canadian passeport and be able to travel in the USA. 

You must have 24 months of driving expérience and at leat 12 months of driving experience in the USA. 

You will provide us with the most recent (less than a week) driver's abstract of the SAAQ and a colour copy recto verso of your driver's license. 

You will provide us with your employment history for the last 10 years.  If you have been unemployed for periods, you must indicate so, and provide reasons.  

St-Germain Express analyses all documents submitted by the candidates.  If your driving licence has been suspended or mentions dangerous driving, ou DUI, we will reject your candidacy.  Your working experience is verified with your former employers. 

You will be submitted to pre-hiring drug and alchool testing.  Apart from pre-hiring, you will  be submitted to random testing or testing under suspiscion.  Our drug and alcool policy is:

You must have NO criminal record.  If you are the holder of a US waiver, you can submit your candidacy, if you explain the reason of the waiver.  We verify with US immigration and customs the waiver validity.  Even though your waiver is valid, we reserve the right to refuse your candidacy. 

You are physically fit to apply for the job.  All our drivers must be able to take charge of a dry box, or a reefer or a flat bed.  You must be able to physically tarp and untarp a load alone.  
We alone are judging this point and will determine we judge you fit for the job.   

If you meet all of the above, do not hesitate, contact us.  We will be glad to meet you.